当春晚成为传统 When Spring Festival Gala Became Tradition

When Spring Festival comes, people will pay special attention to the news about Spring Festival gala, they get used to watching it every year, the director will take a long time to prepare for it. Every piece of news about the gala will become the hot topic, Spring Festival gala has become part of people’s life, even the tradition.


Since our parents’ generation, Spring Festival gala holds every year in the eve of Spring Festival, after eating the dinner, the families get together and watch the gala. As the development of the TV program, the traditional show has faced many challenges, the young generation is not that into the Spring Festival gala, but it still attracts people’s attention and keeps the highest audience rating.


The popularity of the gala shows that it has become the tradition, people get used to watching it, if this show is cancelled, we will feel something is missing in our life. In fact, the meaning of the gala gives people a chance to get united and enjoy the time with their families.



2016年12月6日 星期二 晴中国传统文化源远流长、博大精深。其中,我最喜欢的就是毛笔书法了。一天,我在公园里散步。忽然,看见一位老爷爷在公园里写大字。我一问,才知道是毛笔字。从此,我就迷上了写毛笔字。通过查资料,我了解到毛笔书法大体分



当传统遇上创新 Tradition and Innovation

There is a vivid saying which says “If tradition can be likened to the roots and trunk of a tree, innovation is its leaves and fruits.”一句非常生动的话语这样说:"如果传统可以被比作树木的根,那么创新就是它的树叶和果实。"I quite

不合时宜的习俗 The Untimely Tradition

China is a great old country that has more than five thousand years' history. Its culture has influenced the world, such as the great educator Confucius. His thought is popular around the world. As the time went by, some old tradi





大学艺术节之我见My Idea of a University Arts Festival

There is no doubt that the arts festivalenriches our college life an extracurricular activity. However, when it comesto what should be included in the arts festival, different people havedifferent views. Some insists on performing





做好事是否应该得到回报 Should One Expect a Reward When Doing a Good Deed?

Nowadays, there has been a hot debate inthe public over the issue whether one expect a reward after doing a good deed.Some think it’s human nature to want return if he gives, but other against thathelp others out of trouble is th


In China, every kid has to learn English, which is the compulsory subject. What’s more, as it is the international language, so the parents pay special attenti

When it comes to what makes up a good student, many people may have the stereotypes that a good student is one who can always get high marks in examinations. In

To the most of the high school students,college entrance examination is the only way they can enter a college tocontinue their education.对于大多数高中生来说,

In the past, men always took the burden to earn money to support their families. But now more and more men are beginning to take over housework as society devel

Myname is Jason. I have graduated from Hunan First Normal College. My major isEnglish that I really fond of. English is an international language. If we canspea

When it comes to the phenomenon of face-lift, which is nothing new but still hot-discussed in this modern society, there is no complete agreement among people.

American people are crazy about sports, basketball, baseball and football are very popular there. Most of them take exercise everyday, there is no doubt that sp

Nowadays,when a couple get married, the first they do is to get enough money to buy a house. In China, it seems that marriage means having a house, it is repor

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Most people change jobs several times in their careers, especially the young people, they keep switching companies, we call it job-hopping. For young people, so

In recent years, Chinese people think thatthere are so many disasters happened in China, especially the earthquake. Thenewspapers is flooded with the reports ab

We are nowlive in the world where the fittest will survive. So it seems unlikely that wecan avoid the stress form this competitive society. And stress like adou

There is no doubt that money is very important, we can’t live without money. Most things we need to keep living are bought by money. Everybody works hard to ma

Sometimes people will do some extremethings when they feel tremendous pressure, they might do self-mutilation.Instead of expressing their feelings openly, they

It is reported that about 70% of peoplewill leave their children to their parents to raise because they are so busywith their work and have no time to take care

When May comes, it means that people will have the vacation. Most people will choose to take the travel, while as more and more people go to travel at a time, t

Recent years, an increasing numbers ofpeople tend to live with their lovers before they are married. Hence, manyaccidental pregnancies happen as well as abortic

Peer pressure means the influence given bya group of people around you, such as, parents, friends, classmates, teachersand so on. Their influence will affect yo

It has always been a hot topic whethercollegians should go on study at a graduate school or just find a job when theygraduate. Some people think that students s

The schools and teachers always emphasis the we should be a model student. But what is the definition of model student? This is a question that worth thinking a


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