电子书会取代纸质书吗 Will E-books Replace Paper-books

With the quick development of technology,people are surrounded by all kinds of electronic devices. And more people aretending to read books by computers or phones rather than go to library to readbooks. Hence, there is a hot debate on whether e-books will replacepaper-books. Some people think that e-books will prevail since e-book is so convenientthat we can take it to anywhere to read. Some argue that paper-book would notbe replaced for paper-book takes the responsibility to pass down knowledge. Formy perspective, I think e-book will replace paper-book eventually. Reasons arelisted below.


Firstly, e-book is more convenient thanpaper-book. Nowadays, almost all people have cell-phones or computers, so theycan just download e-books immediately. Wherever they go, they don’t have totake a heavy paper-book but just take their device out and enjoy the fun ofreading.


Secondly, e-book is much cheaper thanpaper-book. If we need to buy paper- books, then we have to pay a lot of moneyon them. However on the contrary, we can search e-books on the Internet andjust need to pay little or even get e-books we want for free.


All in all, e-book will replace paper-bookin the near future because it is more convenience and much cheaper than thepaper-book.


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