如何判断是否是称职的管理者How to Judge You are a Competent Manager

How tojudge you are a competent manager? Is your management way being accepted byyour subordinate? These two questions can get the answers from your employee’sperformance. There are eight kinds of employee performance can show thereference.


The first one, although youare not in office, your subordinates know to do what you expect. That means youhave your subordinates understood your expecting to them, and give them enoughauthority to do what you think is right.


The second one, when return tooffice, your subordinate will tell you what they have done, why they did that,and what the result. That means they believe themselves, and believe you alsothink they did the right thing.


The third one, when you have aregular meeting, your subordinates feel relax and say what they think. If thereare few subordinates positive to say, that means you may be too autocratic attimes.


The fourth one, for allhappened in the company, few subordinates spread or guess. That means you makea good communication.


The fifth one, yoursubordinates use the same way to face the customers. That means you have makeproper standard in this area, also means they clearly know what the company’starget, and know what they should do.


The sixth, your subordinatescan respect and cooperation well each other. Usually, employees complicit moreoften, that is because the leaders endure someone’s not good performance. Butwhen they cooperate well, that means the manager is a fair and effectiveleader.


The seventh one, when yoursubordinates get your negative feedback, they will not be angry or be shocked.That means your subordinates recognize your view, also means you can wellcontrol the skill that not hurt their self-respect, and has the negativefeedback skills.


At last, when happenspersonnel deficit, your subordinates will positive recommend candidates. If thecompany has the low rate of staff turnover, that means they are happy to goalong with you, and work together with you.




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