魔术的秘密该揭穿么?Should the Secrets Behind Magic be Disclosed?

With a fascination with magic forcenturies, there is a heated debate about the disclosure of magic recently.Some people thirst for the revelation of the magic secrets so that they mayobtain some of the know-how and perform some magic on their own. They believethat the trend of revealing magic secrets is irresistible. But I don’t see eyeto eye with them and I insist that the secrets behind the magic should not bedisclosed.


I have two reasons to supportmy view. In the first place, the audience is fascinated with the magic becausethey like the feeling of being kept in suspense. If the secrets behind themagic are known to them, they would fell that the magic is nothing but a pettytrick and the magicians are ridiculous clowns rather than demigods. In thesecond place, magic requiring laborious hours and considerable money are whatthe magicians live on, so revealing the magic secrets will result in a detriment to the interest of the magicians. The magicians couldnot perform the magic that happen to be known to the audience and therefore,they have less chance to earn money.


To sum up, the secrets behind magic shouldnot be revealed with both of the audience and the magicians taken into account.


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Now it is commonly held that dating inuniversity is acceptable, which has become a hot point under discussion. Somepeople hold the opinion that students should

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