科技是否扩大贫富差距?Dose Technology Widen the Gap Between the Poor and the Rich

Coupled with the gradual improvement of technology, people’s living standard has improved a lot. Advanced technology not only provides us with a lot of work, but also it improves our living standard. Different folks hold various opinions about technology.


Some of them hold the opinion that technology widens the gap between the poor and the rich. They claim that people with advanced technology earn more money. As a result, the one who masters the technology becomes richer and richer. While others claim that technology makes the gap among people narrower. People whoever masters the technology can make his or her own money. Poor men who want to be rich should work hard and learn technology. In this way, the gap between the rich and the poor becomes narrow.


Different people will have different opinions on this point. It is a question that all depends.


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