远程办公的好处 The Advantages of Telecommute

Nowadays, the technology develops so fast that people use advanced technology to facilitate their lives, such as communicating with their friends and families any time. Technology makes the world smaller and some people have advocated to work at home by computers because of the advantages.


Firstly, it is flexible for people to do their stuffs. For the moms, they can take care of their babies while working at home. It is hard for career women to balance family issues and working stuff. If they work at home, they can manage their personal things and job. Men also can make a contribution to taking care of the family chores.


Secondly, telecommuting can win more time for the workers and improve efficiency. Every day, people need to spend much time in the traffic, sometimes if the traffic is congested, they need to waste more time. So working at home can save the hours on traffic and focus their attention on work.


In the future, Internet will go much further and telecommuting will be the mainstream.


以学生为中心课堂的好处The Advantages of Student-centered Class

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实习的好处 The Advantage of Internships

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多媒体教学的好处 The Advantages of Multi-media Teaching

Many years ago, when students were having class, the teaching method is not various, teachers only wrote down the words on the blackboard, if the students want to hear some examples, the teachers could say in word, letting the stu

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网络支付的好处 The Advantages of Online Payment

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多小孩的好处 The Advantages of Owing More Children

Many years ago, there were so many population in China, in order to control the fast increasing number of the population, the government carried out the family plan, every family was admitted to have one child. Now the policy has

任务型工作的好处 The Advantages of Task-based Work

Generally, from Monday to Friday, 9 o’clock to 17 o’clock is the working time. Most people do their work according to the working time, only a few people finish their work that is measured by task. In my opinion, task-based work


With a fascination with magic forcenturies, there is a heated debate about the disclosure of magic recently.Some people thirst for the revelation of the magic s

In recently, as people’s living standard improves, people start to pay attention on their kids. In our Chinese eyes, education is very important to develop kid

In the past, the majority of classes are teacher-centered, which means teachers talk all the time, students are just listeners. But now, such form has changed,

It is said that parents are the children’s best teachers. Indeed, childen spend most of the time to stay with parents, so they imitate their habits. So the goo

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With the development of society, there are more and more new industries appear in people’s life. Advertising industry is one of them. It is at the trends of fl

In recent years, Chinese government pedestals a policy that citizens can drive on the highway for free during holidays. Some people are in favor of the highway

Coupled with the gradual improvement of technology, people’s living standard has improved a lot. Advanced technology not only provides us with a lot of work, b

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Since I was very small, my parents sent me to learn painting. They thought I could understand art and mastered one skill. This experience brings me the sense of

According to a survey data, China had 564 million Internet users and 70% of them are under 40. And the average time they spend on the Internet is at least three

Tennis is the world’s third sport, it ranks after football and basketball. Every year, a lot of audience keeps their eyes on the four grand slam championships.

Nowadays, as the government advises people to take exercise, the government has built many equipments in the public place for people to exercise. The measure ha

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Many years ago, there is no way for students to evaluate teachers, for people treat the teachers in a high level, students are in the low level, they are immatu

投稿作者:雷英才学校:中国地质大学投稿方式:电子邮件Actually, the question about whether we should tell white lies in our daily life has always been an intense

When we study, we all want to work with high efficient, the ability of self-learning is very important, with it, we can improve the efficient, the things we do

If you saw some guy robbed a purse from a lady, will you ran over there and knocked this guy down? Or just notice that lady just before you saw the guy was abou


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