城市间的歧视 The Discrimination Between Cities

When we talk about the discrimination, we always think about the race between the black and the white. Black people are always looking down by the white people, while in our country, though we are the same color, the discrimination still exists, it is about the people’s view about the different cities.


When we talk about the big cities, such as ShanghaiandBeijing, we always think about that the people inBeijingresist the people from other cities.Beijingcitizens are so proud of their identity, they think they are priority, they are in the first rank, while others are lower than them. While when we talk about the people from poor country, we always think about the dirty face and ragged clothes, this is also discrimination. Are these true? Of course not, I have friends fromBeijingand Guangxi, both of them are nice to me, they don’t look down upon people or look dirty. The impressions are wrong, people now no longer discriminate each other, the crimination only exists in few people.


In all, though the discrimination still exists between cities, we must have the thought that it is not all people, just a few people, we believe that someday it will disappear.




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Nowadays, the technology develops so fast that people use advanced technology to facilitate their lives, such as communicating with their friends and families a

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When we go down the street, if we take a notice on the couples, we may find that besides those young girls, there are not only young boys, but also Da Shu. Da S

We can see lots ladies dancing in the square or open spaces after dinner time. It was a very harmonious scene not until someone fire guns and release his dogs t

I like to make purchase, since I start to shop online, I will buy things once I like, I just can’t control my desire. As for my mother, she is not like me, she


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