In China, every kid has to learn English, which is the compulsory subject. What’s more, as it is the international language, so the parents pay special attenti

When it comes to what makes up a good student, many people may have the stereotypes that a good student is one who can always get high marks in examinations. In

To the most of the high school students,college entrance examination is the only way they can enter a college tocontinue their education.对于大多数高中生来说,

In the past, men always took the burden to earn money to support their families. But now more and more men are beginning to take over housework as society devel

Myname is Jason. I have graduated from Hunan First Normal College. My major isEnglish that I really fond of. English is an international language. If we canspea

When it comes to the phenomenon of face-lift, which is nothing new but still hot-discussed in this modern society, there is no complete agreement among people.

American people are crazy about sports, basketball, baseball and football are very popular there. Most of them take exercise everyday, there is no doubt that sp

Nowadays,when a couple get married, the first they do is to get enough money to buy a house. In China, it seems that marriage means having a house, it is repor

Chinese education is always believed to be intense and inhuman, because so many children bury themselves in studying all the time. The program for foreign stude

Most people change jobs several times in their careers, especially the young people, they keep switching companies, we call it job-hopping. For young people, so